FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size trainer do I need?

Do you have a measuring tape that you can use to measure your waist? If so can you please measure around your waist above your belly button, and please refer to the size chart to select the correct size trainer.

  • I’m 2 weeks PO-(Postop) can i use these products?

Yes you can if you had lipo 360/bbl 2 to 3 weeks, if you had a TT-(Tummytuck) you have to wait until 3-4 weeks PO-(Postop). 

  • I’m 2- 4 years post op and I gained weight and i need to lose weight, Is it too late for me to get my results back ? 

No it’s not too late, I am 4 years post op and i lost over 20lbs using the detox tea daily, Nutrburst as my vitamin and my waist trainers and Ab Board at night or during the day for at least 7-8 hrs, cut out salt, sugar, soda, alcohol and bread and intermit fast as well, No workout needed.

  • Can these products work without surgery?

Yes they can, I would recommend the sweat kit and the Iaso detox tea together and use daily while sleeping as well, also you can wear the strapless or the vest during the day under your clothing for the best results.

  • Can I return or exchange this trainer for a different size? 

If you purchased the Snatch Me Up Vest or Strapless trainer you or Belt, you can exchange it within 7 days and it has to be unworn and no stains of any kind. 

  • I’m trying to get my waist smaller ?

You can purchase any of our snatch me up waist trainers along with our ace bandages, wear it daily and also check out our detox tea and drink it daily 2 sachets to 80z of water at night.

  • What do the ace bandages do?

They protect your skin and help mold you while you shrink your waist.