Fashion Dollz Ab Board (FINAL SALE)

Size 9W x 11 1/2 L

( Measurement Tip )

With the help of a measuring tape, please measure the distance between the breast area (but under the boob) to the lower part abdomen (fupa), If the measurement is 10 ½ then please order the short torso Ab board, if it’s longer then 10 ½ and measures 11 inches or longer the order a long torso Ab board. If you are going wearing to wear the Snatch Me Up waist trainer with the Ab Board please add 2 -3 inches on the waist trainer size that you will be ordering.


The new and comfortable all in one foam and Ab Board is for my stage 1 and stage 2 dollz to help you achieve much greater results, It does not mistreat your skin as it is designed with a firm but softer support to the abdomen which prevents scar tissue formation and at the same time helps improve your posture and allows you to wear it for a longer period of time, it accelerates the recovery process of your surgery and giving you a flat abdomen to show your figure, This product is designed to be used daily during postoperative recovery and ideal for a fast recovery after liposuction or tummy tuck, Easier to clean and more maintainable due to the color,This is great for long torso dollz.

Fashion Dollz Ab Board Long Torso-

  •  All Snatch Gang Pre Op/PO supplies are NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-EXCHANGEABLE.